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Note 30 Principal subsidiaries and joint operations


The following is a list of the Company’s fifty principal operating subsidiary undertakings ranked by external sales. These companies along with the parent account for 98% (98%) of Group external sales. The principal country in which each subsidiary operates is the country of incorporation. The group’s effective interest in the undertakings is 100% except where indicated, and is held in each case by a subsidiary undertaking except for those companies marked with “+” which are held directly by the parent company. Subsidiaries operating outside the euro area are indicated by “◊”.

Subsidiary companies (Ranked by external sales)
Country Sales % Consumer Board Packaging Solutions Biomaterials Wood Products Paper Other
Stora Enso Oyj Finland 20.34
Stora Enso Paper AB Sweden 7.66
Stora Enso Skoghall AB Sweden 6.18
Stora Enso International Oy1 + Finland 4.75
Stora Enso Oulu Oy2 Finland 4.29
Stora Enso Amsterdam B.V. Netherlands 3.85
Stora Enso Fors AB Sweden 3.45
Stora Enso Skog AB Sweden 3.15
Stora Enso Wood Products GmbH Austria 2.85
Stora Enso Veitsiluoto Oy2 Finland 2.83
Stora Enso Poland S.A. +/◊ Poland 2.74
Stora Enso (Guangxi) Packaging Company Ltd. (80.1%) China 2.45
Stora Enso Maxau GmbH Germany 2.43
Stora Enso Publication Papers Oy Ltd Finland 2.41
Stora Enso Langerbrugge NV Belgium 2.30
Stora Enso Ingerois Oy + Finland 2.03
Sydved AB (66.7%) Sweden 1.63
Stora Enso Wood Products Oy Ltd + Finland 1.43
Puumerkki Oy3 Finland 1.42
Stora Enso Timber AB Sweden 1.40
Stora Enso Sachsen GmbH Germany 1.37
Stora Enso Eesti AS + Estonia 1.28
OOO Stora Enso Packaging BB Russia 1.22
Stora Enso Narew Sp.z.o.o. +/◊ Poland 1.19
Stora Enso Wood Products Zdirec s.r.o. Czech Republic 1.02
Stora Enso Australia Pty Ltd Australia 1.00
Stora Enso Packaging AB Sweden 0.91
Stora Enso WP Bad St. Leonhard GmbH Austria 0.88
Dongguan Stora Enso Inpac Packaging Co. Ltd (90%) China 0.82
Stora Enso Packaging Oy + Finland 0.82
Stora Enso Huatai (Shandong) Paper Co Ltd (60%) China 0.80
Stora Enso Pulp AB1 Sweden 0.74
Stora Enso Inpac Packaging Co. Ltd (90%) China 0.71
Stora Enso Timber Deutschland GmbH Germany 0.64
Stora Enso Bioenergi AB Sweden 0.59
Stora Enso Wood Products Planá s.r.o. Czech Republic 0.47
Stora Enso Wood Products d.o.o. Koper Slovenia 0.42
Stora Enso Wood Products Sp.z.o.o. Poland 0.41
Stora Enso Bois SAS France 0.40
Stora Enso North American Sales, Inc. +/◊ USA 0.39
AS Stora Enso Latvija Latvia 0.36
UAB Stora Enso Lietuva Lithuania 0.30
Stora Enso Timber DIY Products B.V. Netherlands 0.25
Stora Enso Timber UK Ltd UK 0.25
Guangxi Stora Enso Forestry Co Ltd (89.5%) China 0.21
VLAR Papier NV (65%) Belgium 0.20
Stora Enso (HK) Ltd +/◊ Hong Kong 0.18
Stora Enso (Guangxi) Forestry Company Ltd. (80.1%) China 0.18
Stora Enso Packaging UAB Lithuania 0.17
Stora Enso Packaging SIA Latvia 0.17
DanFiber A/S (51%) Denmark 0.15
1 Stora Enso International Oy started its business operations in 2017. The sales of products from Enocell mill, Sunila mill and Stora Enso Pulp AB occur via the company.
2 Stora Enso Oulu Oy and Stora Enso Veitsiluoto Oy started their business operations as individual companies in 2017. Before the change the mills were part of Stora Enso Oyj.
3 Business operations of Puumerkki Oy were divested during 2017.

The following is a list of the Company’s joint operations. The Company holds a 50% interest in joint operations and they are consolidated into the Group’s financial statements. The countries operating outside the euro area are indicated by “◊”. Sales of the joint operations occur via subsidiaries.

Joint operations
Country Consumer Board Packaging Solutions Biomaterials Wood Products Paper Other
Montes del Plata (50%) Uruguay
Veracel Celulose SA (50%) Brazil

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