Information for Shareholders

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Stora Enso Oyj’s AGM will be held at 16.00 (Finnish time) on Wednesday 28 March 2018 at the Marina Congress Center, Katajanokanlaituri 6, Helsinki, Finland.

Nominee-registered shareholders wishing to attend and vote at the AGM must be temporarily registered in the Company’s register of shareholders on the record date, 16 March 2018. Instructions for submitting notice of attendance will be given in the invitation to the AGM, which can be consulted on the Company’s website at storaenso.com/agm.

AGM and dividend in 2018

16 March       Record date for AGM

28 March       Annual General Meeting (AGM)

29 March       Ex-dividend date

3 April            Record date for dividend

10 April          Dividend payment


The Board of Directors proposes to the AGM that a dividend of EUR 0.41 per share be paid to the shareholders for the fiscal year ending 31 December 2017. The dividend payable on shares registered with Euroclear Sweden will be forwarded by Euroclear Sweden AB and paid in Swedish crowns. The dividend payable to ADR holders will be forwarded by Citibank, N.A. (Citi) and paid in US dollars.

Publication dates for 2018

9 February      Financial results for 2017

Week 9           Annual Report 2017

27 April           Interim Report for January–March

20 July            Half-year Report for January–June

26 October      Interim Report for January–September

Distribution of financial information

Stora Enso’s Annual Report 2017 consists of four reports: Progress Book, Sustainability Report, Financial Report, and Corporate Governance Report. You can find the highlights of the year, the online Financial Report and all reports as downloadable PDF files at storaenso.com/annualreport.

Progress Book and Corporate Governance Report are available in English, Finnish and Swedish. Sustainability Report and Financial Report are available in English. The official financial statements in Finnish and an unofficial Swedish translation, English and Swedish translations of the parent company financial statements, and the list of principal subsidiaries in English can be found on the Company's website at storaenso.com/about/download-center.

Interim Reports and Half-year Reports are published in English, Finnish and Swedish at storaenso.com/press.

Information for holders of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)

The Stora Enso dividend reinvestment and direct purchase plan is administered by Citibank, N.A. The plan makes it easier for existing ADR holders and first-time purchasers of Stora Enso ADRs to increase their investment by reinvesting cash distributions or by making additional cash investments. The plan is intended for US residents only. Further information on the Stora Enso ADR programme is available at citi.com/DR.

Contact information for Stora Enso ADR holders

Citibank Shareholder Services
P.O. Box 43077
Providence, Rhode Island 02940-3077
Email: citibank@shareholders-online.com

Toll-free number: (877)-CITI-ADR
Direct dial: (781) 575-4555


Ulla Paajanen-Sainio
SVP, Investor Relations
Stora Enso Oyj
P.O. Box 309, FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 40 763 8767, ulla.paajanen-sainio@storaenso.com


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