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Everything that’s made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow

Here are the highlights of our journey in 2017

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In 2017, Stora Enso established a central position in the bioeconomy. We are growing the topline, have a higher profitability and a better return on capital employed. This is a proof of a step change in our performance.

Karl-Henrik Sundström


Have you ever thought about what a tree can do?

Imagine the amount of products we use in our everyday lives. Many of them used to be non-renewable. We at Stora Enso create renewable options that are both environmentally friendly and intelligent.


"At Stora Enso's Beihai Mill, we produce packaging board of the future, such as CKB Karneoli, a coated unbleached kraft board for food and non-food products and beverages. It is an important differentiator supporting Stora Enso’s objective to meet the growing demand for high-quality, safe, and renewable packaging in China."

Ligang Ma, Head of Stora Enso Consumer Board China Sales


Making a difference with wood construction

Over the last years, Stora Enso has provided cross laminated timber (CLT) to build more than 50 schools in Central Europe. CLT has been the sustainable construction material of choice also for Quellenstraße, a school in Vienna, Austria.

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We constantly seek new ways of doing things: both in our ways of working more effectively and in the ways we utilise our raw material, tree.

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Meeting growing demand

In November 2017, the new polyethylene (PE) extrusion coating plant at Imatra Mills in Finland was inaugurated. It will enhance Stora Enso’s ability to meet increasing customer demand for food service board and liquid packaging board, which is estimated to grow above industry standard. Imatra Mills are the world’s largest producer of liquid packaging board.

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"If you can have one day without accidents, you can have two, and four, and a hundred. I have succeeded as a leader when employees take safe behaviour home with them, and think from their heart and care for one another."

Michael Lindemann, Mill Manager at Nymölla paper mill in Sweden

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Our raw material is renewable and we make sure it is sustainably grown.

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Digitalisation can also enhance safety. Stora Enso is testing how drones can make woodyard inventories safer by reducing the need for people to walk around woodyards.

In 2017, Stora Enso made a step change in its transformation towards a renewable materials growth company. To read more, download our reports.