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The Board of Director’s Proposal for the distribution of dividend


The Parent Company distributable shareholders’ equity on 31 December 2016 amounted to EUR 1 470 552 196.69, including the profit for the period of EUR 132 174 538.59. The Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting of the Company that the distributable funds be used as follows:


Dividend of EUR 0.37 per share from the

distributable shareholders’ equity to be distributed

on 788 619 987 shares, not to exceed                                                                          EUR 291 789 395.19                                                               


Remaining in distributable

shareholders’ equity                                                                                                    EUR 1 178 762 801.50 


Distributable shareholders’ equity

on 31 December 2016, total                                                                                        EUR 1 470 552 196.69 


There have been no material changes in the Parent Company’s financial position since 31 December 2016. The liquidity of the Parent Company remains good and the proposed dividend does not risk the solvency of the Company.

Helsinki, 3 February 2017


Gunnar Brock                                       Jorma Eloranta
Chairman                                               Vice Chairman


Anne Brunila                                         Elisabeth Fleuriot


Hock Goh                                              Mikael Mäkinen


Richard Nilsson                                    Hans Stråberg


Karl-Henrik Sundström

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