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This is a summary of Stora Enso’s sustainability approach with shareholders. For more information about Stora Enso in capital markets, see the related section in this report.

For more information about Stora Enso in capital markets, see the related section in this report.
Opportunities and challenges

The global pool of socially responsible investors (SRIs) is growing, and the incorporation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis into mainstream investment decision-making is accelerating. Both of these trends encourage companies to be more sustainable in their operations. At the same time, shareholders expect financial profits from their investments. Stora Enso believes that only truly sustainable operations can ensure long-term financial success.

Our policies
  • Disclosure Policy
  • Code of Conduct.
How we work

Various aspects of sustainability are important to Stora Enso’s investors, including human rights and global warming. Stora Enso’s main shareholders are long-term investors, and sustainable business practices are high on their agenda. They constantly follow the group’s sustainability performance and reporting.

Timely and transparent communications with shareholders are a top priority for Stora Enso. Stora Enso actively maintains open dialogue with its investors on ESG matters through face-to-face meetings, conference calls, seminars, and webcasts. The group also regularly shares updated information on its sustainability performance with shareholders in Interim and Annual reports, stakeholder letters, web updates, and investor newsletter. Stora Enso also regularly participates in sustainability events of interest to investors.


In 2016 Stora Enso’s Investor Relations function organised 13 investor meetings focusing on ESG-related topics. In total, approximately 60 investor representatives participated in these meetings. The meetings also included a webinar for ESG investors and analysts focusing on Stora Enso´s sustainability strategy and activities. During the year Stora Enso revised its strategy for providing ESG information to shareholders, aiming to make sustainability information more widely available on the group’s website to benefit and serve all different stakeholder groups. This also involved further prioritising Stora Enso’s participation in questionnaires and assessments for the ESG index and ratings schemes that are most material for the group’s investors.

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