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On 31 December 2016, there were 25 447 (25 680) employees in the group. The average number of employees in 2016 was 26 269, which was 514 lower than the average number in 2015. The numbers include 50% of employees at Veracel in Brazil and Montes del Plata in Uruguay. 

In April 2016, the group completed the earlier announced divestment of Arapoti Mill in Brazil, employing approximately 320 people. In June, the group announced the divestment of Kabel Mill in Germany, employing approximately 540 people. The divestment of Kabel Mill was completed in September. Also in June, the group closed the Suzhou paper mill in China, affecting approx. 500 people. In September, the group announced to close the Heinola corrugated plant in Finland and the consolidation of the manufacturing of corrugated packaging to its Lahti plant in Finland. The co-determination negotiations were finalised in November and are expected to affect approx.50 people.

Personnel expenses totalled EUR 1 334 (EUR 1 313) million or 13.6% of sales. Wages and salaries were EUR 1 006 (EUR 987) million, pension costs EUR 165 (EUR 160) million and other employer costs EUR 163 (EUR 166) million.

At the end of 2016, the groups’ top three countries in respect to number of employees were Finland, Sweden and China. 26% (24%) of employees were women.

Personnel turnover in 2016 was 22.9% (17.9%). The high personnel turnover is mainly due to the Corrugated Packaging units in China where the competition in the local market has resulted in high annual employee turnover. The group absenteeism rate due to sickness and accidents was 3.0% (3.1%) of total theoretical working hours.

Employee-related information including personnel strategy is discussed in more detail in the group’s Sustainability Report 2016 and the Progress Book 2016.

Remuneration to the Board of Directors and key management is described in Note 7 of the Financial Report.

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