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Legal proceedings in Finland 

In December 2009, the Finnish Market Court fined Stora Enso for competition law infringements in the market for roundwood in Finland from 1997 to 2004. Stora Enso did not appeal against the ruling. In March 2011 Metsähallitus of Finland initiated legal proceedings against Stora Enso, UPM and Metsäliitto claiming compensation for damages allegedly suffered due to competition law infringements. The total claim against the defendants amounted to approximately EUR 160 million and the secondary claim against Stora Enso to approximately EUR 87 million. In its ruling issued in June 2016, the Helsinki District Court dismissed Metsähallitus’ claim for damages against Stora Enso, Metsäliitto and UPM. Metsähallitus has appealed this ruling. In addition, certain Finnish municipalities and private forest owners initiated similar legal proceedings. The total amount claimed from the defendants amounts to approximately EUR 25 million, the secondary claims solely against Stora Enso amount to approximately EUR 6 million. Stora Enso denies that the plaintiffs suffered any damages whatsoever and will forcefully defend itself. No provisions have been made in Stora Enso’s accounts for these lawsuits. 

Legal proceedings in Latin America


Fibria and Stora Enso each own 50% of Veracel, and the joint ownership is governed by a shareholder agreement. In May 2014, Fibria initiated arbitration proceedings against Stora Enso claiming that Stora Enso was in breach of certain provisions of the shareholder agreement. Fibria has estimated that the interest to be paid regarding the dispute should be approximately USD 54 (EUR 51) million. Stora Enso denies any breach of contract and disputes the method for calculating the interest to be paid. No provisions have been made in Stora Enso’s accounts for this case.

On 11 July 2008, Stora Enso announced that a federal judge in Brazil had issued a decision claiming that the permits issued by the State of Bahia for the operations of Stora Enso’s joint operations company Veracel were not valid. The judge also ordered Veracel to take certain actions, including reforestation with native trees on part of Veracel’s plantations and a possible fine of BRL 20 (EUR 6) million. Veracel disputes the decision and has filed an appeal against it. Veracel operates in full compliance with all Brazilian laws and has obtained all the necessary environmental and operating licences for its industrial and forestry activities from the relevant authorities. In November 2008, a Federal Court suspended the effects of the decision. No provisions have been recorded in Veracel’s or Stora Enso’s accounts for the reforestation or the possible fine.

Legal proceedings in Sweden

Insurance claim

Stora Enso was informed in July that six Swedish Insurance companies are filing lawsuits against Stora Enso. The claimed amount is approximately SEK 300 (EUR 31) million attributable to insurance compensation paid to injured parties in connection with the forest fire in Västmanland, Sweden in 2014. Stora Enso denies liability and will respond within the frame of the legal proceedings.

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