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Here are the highlights of our journey in 2016

Everything that’s made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow

What a tree can do

Stora Enso’s business is at the heart of the bioeconomy. Our renewable solutions can be found across a range of industries. Over the coming years wood-based solutions will increasingly be adopted in new areas to replace plastics and metals, expanding the reach of our business.

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Our fossil CO2 emissions per saleable tonne of pulp, paper, and board were 39% lower than the 2006 benchmark level.

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Our raw material is a solution for combatting global warming

See what can be made from a tree:

Intelligence in packaging

Packages incorporating sensors and digital chips can be loaded with information about their origin, their contents, and other properties such as temperature. Smart packages can be traced through entire supply chains to ensure that products are always being shipped and handled correctly.

Less waste, cleaner waters

Wastewater sludge, a fibre-based residual from Stora Enso’s production processes, is utilised on farms in Finland instead of chemical fertilisers. This synergy reduces the environmental impacts of the mills and those of the farms, with benefits for soils, watercourses, and the climate.

Regenerating rainforests

In Bahia, Brazil, Stora Enso’s joint operation Veracel owns some 215 000 hectares of land. Half of this land consists of former pasturelands now used to grow eucalyptus for the pulp mill. The other half is dedicated to the protection of existing rainforest habitat and their active restoration.

Design meets sustainability

The Scandinavian fashion brand Filippa K and Stora Enso started to work together in 2016 to find out how wood-based fibres could be more widely used in the clothing industry – and to explore the environmental and social sustainability of fibre-based textiles’ value chains.

We are the experts of renewable materials

What was your highlight of the year?


Bringing smiles to customers’ faces with our intelligent packaging demo station

Our new RFID demo station puts intelligent packaging solutions in the spotlight. When people realise exactly what can be done with intelligent packaging, it can be almost a magical experience. The best part is when we get a genuine “wow” reaction and see big smiles on customers’ faces – leading to pilot projects and new business.

Lauri Huhtasalo
Partnership Manager, Intelligent Packaging Flagship, Helsinki, Finland


Supporting family farming in Latin America

We keenly cooperate with local communities to promote important livelihoods. In Uruguay, altogether 170 farmers used the company’s lands in 2016 to graze their cattle. In Brazil, we supported 129 farmers through family farming programmes. When customers, investors, and NGOs visit our operations I can inform them about our community investment activities with pride – and they’re often positively surprised by the scale of this work.  

Carem Zanardo
Sustainability Specialist, São Paulo, Brazil


The landmark day for Beihai Mill

I work at Beihai Consumer Board Mill as a dry-end operator, taking care of the board machine’s runnability, quality standards and safety issues. During 2016 I became a qualified operator after going through theoretical and practical training, which contributed to the successful start-up of our mill. You reap what you have sown – and our first jumbo roll was successfully rolled out on 26 May 2016. That was the most exciting moment of the year for me!

Liu Nianwan
Dry-end Operator, Beihai, China


Stepping out of the comfort zone

Being part of the GROW Global Trainee programme during 2016 has given me many new insights into strategy, innovation, group dynamics, and leadership. This has taken me up to the next level both professionally and personally. I am now comfortable with being uncomfortable – and more willing to take risks.

Hanna Westerberg
HR specialist, GROW trainee 2015–16, Stockholm, Sweden