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Consolidated cash flow statement
Supplemental cash flow information
Year Ended 31 December
EUR million Note 2016 2015
Change in Net Working Capital consists of:
Change in inventories -11 18
Change in interest-free receivables:
Current 56 95
Non-current 11 18
Change in interest-free liabilities:
Current 184 59
Non-current 43 -49
Change in Net Working Capital, Net of Businesses Acquired or Sold 283 141
Non-Cash Investing Activities
Total capital expenditure 638 912
Amounts paid -707 -879
Non-Cash Part of Additions to Intangible Assets and Property, Plant and Equipment -69 33
Cash Flow on Disposals
Cash part of the consideration 4 41 15
Cash and cash equivalents in divested companies 4 -1 -25
Net Cash Flow from Disposal 40 -10
Non-cash part of the consideration 4 7
Total Consideration, net of Cash and Cash Equivalents in Divested Companies 44 -3
Net Assets Sold
Cash and cash equivalents 1 25
Other intangible assets and property, plant and equipment 11 39 12
Working capital 6 -14
Interest-bearing assets and liabilities 3 -1
Non-controlling interests 19 -4 -
45 22
Gain on sale 4 - -
Total Net Asset Sold 45 22
The accompanying Notes are an integral part of these Consolidated financial statements.

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